Our Story


In 2005, the Janes family purchase Derby Plastics and continued operations as Derby Molded Products.  At the time, the facility was 15,000 square feet, with two 50,000 lbs silos, but quickly expanded to 37,500 square feet or manufacturing space, adding four 100,000 lbs silos and new machinery.

In 2012, The second generation including the Janes and Tushar families added ownership to their management duties and continues as a family run business.

Our Approach

Statement of Values and Purpose:

Derby Molded Products is a family owned business which is driven to market and workplace excellence, while guided by our Christian morals, and our family values of fairness and respect.

Our mission is to work with growth orientated manufacturing companies by matching their customer requirements with technology, innovation, quality and service. By sustaining this match, we can create an environment of stable stakeholder relations where there is personal and financial growth for all.

By using the word, stakeholder, in our mission we are not only including ourselves as a family, but are including our extended family of customers, employees, suppliers and community as those who have a meaningful stake in the success of our company.


Customers / Customer Service:
To exceed customer expectations of quality, delivery, and service, while extending competitive pricing in order to share a mutual growth of long-term market share.

Manufacturing / Innovation:
To stay abreast of all technological advancements in machinery, tooling, and software. To apply those advancements in the manufacture of our products so as to produce the highest sustainable quality at the lowest operating costs.

Employee Involvement:
To promote advancement of employee skills and knowledge in an environment which allows them to meet and exceed their potential. To reward such advancement and to be fair to all employees with regards to wages and benefits when compared to each other and the market.

Supplier Relations:
We expect competitively priced, quality products, serviced at the highest of industry standards. We expect to be updated on new industry technology, trends, and changes in market and economic conditions. We extend and demand in return, only the highest in an ethical business relationship.

Profitable Growth:
We acknowledge that sustained stakeholder success can only be accomplished through profitability and growth. Profit can be achieved in three ways: growth, productivity gains, and expense control. As all of the stakeholders share the risks and opportunities, we believe they should share in the rewards.

Quality Assurance

Derby Molded Products quality assurance policy is to continuously improve our understanding of our processes, so that we may effectively and economically apply them to the specifications of our customers.  To us, customer satisfaction is paramount and the true measure of our consistent quality and on time delivery.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility, customers can be confident that there will be consistent, repeatable quality each and every time, from the initial project conception through engineering, mold building, purchasing, training, initial production tests, production and shipping. The tools we use to ensure this quality are many, not only in the standard measurement gages, but also software in the machines that sends data to our team of quality personnel. In addition, we use programs to do statistical process control on our manufactured parts and machines.

Our quality control process is carefully monitored, and is tailored to meet the customers' and products' exact specifications

Meet the Team

Our management team has over 100 combined years of service with Derby Molded Products, Inc.

Mark Tushar

Terry Gerhartz
Plant Manager

Phil Janes

Jessica Verbrick
Customer Service Manager

Peggy Tushar
Co-Owner/Office Manager

Vernie Young
Quality Assurance Manager